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The history of cassie's

Cassie came to Cody with her father Joe Welsh after they settled in Otto. In 1907 Cassie married an engineer on the dam project.

When her husband died, Cassie started a “Ladies of the Night” house on Salsbury Street. In 1912 Cassie and her girls decided to take in the Cody Stampede of the 4th of July. She parked her vehicle in a vacant stall surrounded by flags. Bill Simpson, Milward’s father, is remembered going up to Cassie and saying, “Cassie you owe the Cody Stampede $100. You parked in the place reserved for the Prince of Monaco.”

In the Early 1930’s, Cassie and another madam, Ida, were asked by the city to close their establishments. Cassie decided to move to the West Strip and in 1933 Cassie’s Supper Club was open. It was a very popular night club with dancing, liquor and later on, food was served. A bourbon and water sold for 50 cents a glass. Cassie did the color scheme in orchid after her daughter “Orchid”.

Cassie died in 1952. Blain Nelson’s parents, Olie and Mabel brought 2 parrots to Cody from Brazil. In 1955 when the Nelsons took over Cassies, the parrot became a trademark. Cassie is remembered by close friends today as a lovely lady who always helped people who needed a lift.

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